Increasing Traffic & Conversion

core capabilities.

Web Design

We design and build beautiful websites with a primary focus on User Interaction & User Experience (UI & UX).
Websites allow business owners to express & represent their Brand to a target audience in any way imaginable.
Websites are not restricted by constraints on customisation and content publishing, digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. impose on their platforms.

SEO Organic Traffic

We specialise in SEO Organic Traffic through search engine optimisation.
The main reason we focus on SEO is due to the quality of traffic. When a brand holds a dominant position in search results it is viewed as an authoritative brand and naturally establishes a rapport of quality and trust.
There is the added bonus that organic traffic is stable month on month traffic without the advertising costs.

Brand Building

We view brand building as knowing your exact target audience and delivering to them a service, product or information that is perceived as valuable.

Content, content, content… Valuable content!
We can create, publish and manage such content across multiple platforms, growing brand awareness.


A really important step that is often over looked or left under performing.
Conversions relies on a business knowing their products / services, knowing their target audience and then testing, testing, testing…

Data capture and analysis is key. We implement and manage specialist systems to increase conversions.

this is how we can help.

Revel Website Audit Icon

website audits

We perform a manual indepth audit of your website, checking for missing or incorrect information that may be negatively affecting your sites position in Google Search.

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search engine optimisation

SEO is the process of optimising your website to be relevant and continually viewed as an authority by search engines in relation to specific keywords (search terms). When a potential new customer performs a relevant search your website is easily found.

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Search engine marketing

SEM is the process gaining traffic to your website by the use paid advertising in search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. Much of the process is researching & identifying valuable & relevant keywords that will convert into sales.

Revel Services Content Marketing Icon

content marketing

All business owners know their products & services best but where we can help is to create & deliver content that is vibrant, engaging, valuable and easily shared across media platforms.

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conversion optimisation audit

To optimise your digital media for the best conversion rate possible you need to continually collect antd analyse sales data. We help you impliment & use tools like Google Analytics, and other third party coversion optimisation softwares.

Revel Services Sales Funnels Icon

sales funnels

Sales Funnels allow you to walk a potential online customer through a set of specific offers you feel are tailored to their needs. Funnels are designed to react to a shoppers decisions just like a sales person would in person.

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email marketing

Build relationships via email with people who have visited & viewed your online Brand. We provide methods and tools to grow your mailing list, and create email campaigns to engage your audience.

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Should a potential customer express interest in your Brand but not take action to purchase, you could later offer an incentive, such as a discount by means of re-targeting them with a custom Ad. We can setup the sytems & technology to do this and create bespoke re-targeting Ads.

example project flow.

Step 1

Website Audit

Site owners / managers have the option to join a live broadcast of their website audit.
This is great for having your questions as we go.
Site Audits generally take 1 hour to complete.

Step 1

Step 2

Fix issues from site audit

During an Audit we compile a list of issues found, followed by a list of actions / resources needed to fix these issues.
The process can end here where the site owners take on to fix these issues, or continue and use our agency services.

Step 2

Step 3

create new site content

We focus on User Intent & User Experince when researching new content for your site & brand.
Quality content of value to the reader attracts visitors to your site and builds a good reputation for your brand.

Step 3

Step 4

publish & promote content

For every piece of valuable content published to your website, that same content can be shared / published across your Social Media platforms.
From that content we can create influencer type Ads to actively promote via SEM & other advertising platforms.
For SEO we ensure all content is search engine friendly.

Step 4

Step 5

Capture leads & sales

Valuable content that is highly relevant to your target audiences needs will naturally attract people to explore your brand. Conent is promoted correctly natuarlly leads to an increase in sales.

Step 5

Step 6

conversion audit

Although we have placed this here in our project flow, Conversion auditing should be a continual ongoing process.
Creating valuable content is time consuming and costly, so as business owners we should make every effort to increase our visitor conversion rates.
It is really important to test, test, test and study the results.

Step 6

Step 7

retargeting & Branding

Retargeting people with Ads is not just about attempting to capture a missed sale, but also about establishing brand awareness. That missed sale could come weeks / months down the line.
This is a good opertunity to add to your email marketing list.

Step 7

Step 8

rinse & repeat

This is example project flow is a simplified version but we hope it gives you an understanding of how to increase and capture more sales.
The entire process can always be improving but essentially it is ‘Rinse & Repeat from step 3’.

Step 8