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What is a heatmap?

A heatmap is a visual representation of data.

What is a webpage heatmap?

A webpage heatmap is a visual representation of how visitors interact with the various elements and information on your page.

Key things it shows;

  • Which buttons, links and images your visitors click on the most and which ones they avoid.
  • For written content, it shows which paragraphs/information users read frequently and what parts get skimmed through or skipped over.

Heatmap examples.

Website Heatmap Example 01
Website Heatmap Example 02

Improve User Experience & Interaction (UX & UI)

It also shows how visitors browse through the pages of your website and in which order they browse those pages.

For Example; from a Home Page -> Shop All Page -> Product Category etc.

Why is this information relevant?

It shows visitors’ behaviour and interaction with your content & branding, and from this, you can structure your website in a way that improves User Experience. Improving a visitors experience generally impacts on their decision to buy from you.

With online selling, you don’t have an opportunity to stand in front of a potential customer and answer their questions or address their concerns, so we need to build the best digital experience possible for our Brand.

Heatmaps vs A/B Testing

You may have heard that the best way to improve on User Experience is through A/B testing.

A/B testing is a great way of optimising for conversion, but it does involve a lot of trial, error and assumptions.

A/B split testing.

A B Comparison. Split Testing. Concept With Tablet Computer Vect

With A/B split testing, suspected underperforming elements on a webpage are changed and improved upon.  The process is to create a variation of the original page (Page A), and implement the changes to create Page B.

We then run a Live A/B comparison test with visitors and monitor the data. Results are measured & reported as a combined overall percentage increase or decrease in conversions, allowing us to pick a winning layout.

Sounds logical, right……?

But, What if just 1 element you changed contributed to improved conversion and the remaining changes have little to no interaction from users? A/B testing does not show this user interaction, but Heatmaps do.

The best method of optimising for conversion is to combine A/B testing & Heatmaps, and that is the service we would like to offer to you!

With this service, we are confident we can make improvements to your conversions resulting in increased revenue.
We offer this today entirely FREE of charge.

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Why offer this valuable service Free?​

It is our way of introducing our Agency to you. It is our way of proving that we can generate value for your brand. We set out to build new relationships by offering value and delivering on that offer to establish trust.

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